In just over two months, David Phillips has completely reshaped more than just my body; he has changed my life entirely. He helped me create a mental 180 degree turn in my thinking not only about my physicality, but my eating habits and daily life as well. I was fortunate enough to meet and work with David Phillips through my mentor who told me that this man would change my life; and he was correct. One of the most motivating people I have ever met, David Phillips continued to push me to my physical and mental limits, without letting me fall over the proverbial “fence”. His constant motivation and attitude are two of the main reasons I was able to lose 25 pounds and drop my body fat from nearly 25% to 15% in only two months. One of the most effective tools David Phillips uses in order to keep a client motivated is the constant variety of activities he has in his exercise arsenal, including running, biking, hiking, calisthenics and weight training. David Phillips encouraged me to do things I never thought possible, such as hiking and biking up to the peak of Mt. Tamalpais. These accomplishments only served to motivate me to pursue more training with David. Portion control with regards to food is David’s mantra when it comes to diet. He taught me the value of only eating the correct amount of food, and eating only when I am actually hungry. Staying on the correct level on the “hunger meter” and only eating until satisfied are the most important parts of eating healthy and correctly. I was able to eat nearly everything I had previously been eating, however David helped me become more conscious of the volume I was actually been eating, and helped me recognize when I was full. While amicable, David takes training very seriously, and 100% commitment is necessary to achieve the goals you want to accomplish. If you stick with David’s program, staggering results will be sure to follow. Kevin Siegel Oakland, CA   

     Hi, my name is Dr. Revels Cayton. For more then twenty years, I practiced Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine managing up to forty five patients, each on ventilators in five different intensive care and cardiopulmonary units. I did almost no exercise, I didn’t watch what I ate and I did not” make “physicality” a part of my life. Then I had the great fortune of meeting David Philips. My fiance introduced us and the introduction and what has followed has completely changed my life. I have worked with David for two years, three times weekly. I am compulsive about my training. I do it whether I feel like it or not. The results have been astounding in all aspects. I am able to run quickly; more then two miles. I have lost twenty pounds of body fat dropping from a percent fat of 27% to 19% percent without starving myself. I have added inches to by biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves and thighs. I look good in the Seville Row suits I purchased sixteen years ago and the Charvet shirts purchased six years ago. I work with David in my private gym so we have more time to concentrate then is available in a club experience. He tests me regularly. He understands concepts of over-training–and is wonderful and making sure I stretch enough to keep myself from injury. In two years I have had two brief muscle injuries, both identified by him and treated by him expertly. I am fortunate to have a wonderful mother who turns 90 this year. She had a physician manage her weight but not her “physicality”. After Dad died it was clear that she was losing tremendous motor coordination and ambulatory skill. She was a hip fracture on the verge of happening. She used a cane when she probably didn’t need one. She lost tremendous skeletal muscle mass which was replaced with fat so she became substantially weaker but her weight, the only parameter she measured remained unchanged. Because of the changes in me, Mother agree to take up a two time weekly intensive training course with David. Mother committed to the program with the level of commitment she had taught her son to take on important tasks. The results were dramatic. The cane became an occasional appendage. The cheese under her biceps took wings. She felt alive, positive, in control and ready for another trip to our home town Manhattan. Two years after beginning training Mother was diagnosed with ovarian Cancer. She had disseminated disease with ascites and mets to the liver. She had lost weight and was anemic. She received the care of a wonderful oncologist and easily tolerated seven courses of chemotherapy. Radiology studies reveal no tumor recurrence. The recent CEA levels are below normal and only one has been above normal. David works with here two times weekly–this workout is part of my mothers life and she believes it has helped to save it. I agree.David time is expensive and limited. If you have the opportunity to acquire some of it you will be making a major investment in the only thing we value above all other but don’t know how much we have available to us, our future. Regards, Dr. Revels Cayton Sausalito, CA          

     Dave Phillips is a consummate professional. He creates a customized approach to wellness and fitness for each client. He is encouraging, motivating, and sets realistic goals and expectations. His knowledge of physiology combines with his state of the art knowledge of the best equipment and techniques to safely and successfully optimize each client’s journey to fitness. Plus, his upbeat and congenial personality makes the whole experience fun! He encourages, coaches and pushes just the right amount. I’d recommend Dave and FitBridge to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness! Susanne Lyons Ross, CA


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