Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness

David’s passion for golf and his dedication to helping others improve in their game, led him to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), by which he received a certification as a Golf Fitness Instructor.

For golfers who want to improve their game, TPI recommends three things in an effort to develop a more efficient, pain-free, and rewarding swing so you can enjoy every round of golf:

— Train with a golf pro
— Consult with a healthcare professional, i.e. a physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.

— Train with a golf fitness instructor

As a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, I help identify current swing faults with the use of video analysis and develop a strength and flexibility program that will target areas needing modification or improvement. We will also utilize a launch monitor which helps us track improvements with one’s overall swing. 

I will also teach you pre- and post-golf game strength and flexibility routines which help to increase range of motion and identify which muscles need strengthening and stretch work. Additionally, when indicated, I have a vast network of local golf professionals I consult with as well as healthcare professionals I refer to should the need arise.

Rates: $125 per hour

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