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At FitBridge we believe in a well-rounded, injury-free wellness program, which is why we include yoga as an integral part of our service modalities. Yoga helps to increase flexibility and range of motion, balances your musculature with lengthening and strengthening, as well as incorporates meditation with breathing exercises, helping to improve your mental and physical well-being. 

Yoga Instruction at Fitbridge
Yoga is a very personal practice for each one of us, with every person arriving at a different intersection of diverse goals and ability levels.
It might be that Yoga sounds a bit out of reach, or you feel self conscious going to public classes. Maybe right now you need encouragement just to get on your mat! (Everyone does.) It’s possible your goals include just maintaining and/or improving your overall balance. Perhaps you’re an athlete who wants greater flexibility, or maybe you are looking for a challenging workout that builds strength and stamina. Maybe as a couple or a family, you are looking for an activity that promotes connection and well-being. It may be that you’d like to build mental focus, acuity, and better concentration skills. Or maybe at the end of the day, all you’re looking for is an hour to get grounded and centered in your own body and breathe deeply. 
Your practice will take so many forms! Day by day, and over the years, it will change dramatically based on the needs and desires of your body. Paying attention to just what is needed in the moment is at the core of yoga, and facilitates a long and rewarding relationship. Let us help you create space for your body’s specific needs through a rewarding and robust yoga workout.

Currently offering yoga sessions via zoom.


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