Julie Coulston

Driven from a desire to help her ailing mother suffering from mental illness, Julie Coulston was determined to provide regular exercise as a strategy and a tool for improving strength, solace, and mental well-being, as well as the numerous physical benefits it delivers. After obtaining a BS in Journalism, Julie followed her passion and established a career in health and fitness. Julie is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, certified in Senior Fitness and Arthritis, and holds a two-year degree in Exercise Science.

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Julie was determined to help clients relieve stress and depression through discovering their own vigor and vitality by way of achieving measurable physical goals through exercise. When Julie entered into the industry, the primary focus was centered around high-impact exercise and the drive to lose weight. Alternatively, Julie wanted to be a part of a new shift emerging that showed the link between physical exercise and one’s mental well-being.

Julie found herself turning to daily exercise as a proven method to help alleviate stress — and wanted to bring these same coping strategies and solutions to those who were also looking for tools to improve both their mental and physical health.

Over the course of the last 25 years, Julie has competed in marathons and triathlons and coached many clients through the same. Now, as an avid fitness and recreation enthusiast, you can find her cycling, running, and paddling through the Bay Area and beyond. Exploring the beautiful topography of the hills and beaches, she’s uncovered her true passion. Knowing that exercise provided her with such healing and enjoyment, she was inspired to translate that same knowledge of the mind/body connection through health, wellness coaching and training. Julie works with every client on an individual basis, establishing fitness plans that generate proven results – and also JOY. It’s a behavior, it’s a strategy, it’s a way of life – and it’s all worth enjoying!

David Phillips

A self-proclaimed enthusiast all his life, Dave Phillips learned to walk, and essentially from there, never stopped moving. As a young athlete, he was greatly intrigued by the body’s structural and physical capabilities, and loved challenging his body and refining his physical skill sets through a multitude of exercise modalities; from gymnastics to hiking, to wrestling and rock climbing. With a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a nationally celebrated trampoline competitor, Dave believes the rewards he reaped as a teenage athlete, helped pave the path towards becoming a personal trainer.  

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Additionally, after suffering—and healing— from several sports injuries while in college, it became apparent to him how instrumental exercise is on one’s quality of life, and wanted to translate that same knowledge to others in an effort to help them learn how to live an active, fulfilled life— free of injury.

After earning a degree, Dave moved to Marin County to pursue personal training due to the mild weather and limitless options for outdoor recreation—one of which was golf, for which he’s self-taught. Soon after, he became certified at the Titliest Performance Center in golf fitness, and has added golf fitness training to his repertoire of training modalities.

Over the past 25 years as a personal trainer, Dave has trained individuals with very distinctive exercise backgrounds; those with vast experience as highly competitive athletes, as well as many who are new to the exercise world and are just learning what works for their body. He trains teenagers on the brink of developing an interest in fitness, to seniors who need assistance with mobility and rehab after an injury. No two bodies are the same, and therefore no two training sessions are ever the same. The versatility with which his personal training sessions range, afford him the opportunity to refine his training skills in every aspect and area of exercise and personal training. Above all, Dave’s number one priority is to deliver a service to each client that brings them enjoyment, fulfillment, and a sense of great achievement.

In addition to holding his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification (NASM), Dave also holds the following certifications:

-Performance enhancement specialist (NASM)

-Group personal training specialist (NASM)

-Corrective exercise specialist (NASM)

-Senior fitness specialist (NASM)

-Golf fitness specialist (TPI)

Andrea Flynn

Andrea offers private and small-group instruction, promising to meet you exactly where you are in your practice. She combines her detailed knowledge of yoga traditions with thoughtfully adapted sequences, designing customized classes that acknowledge existing injuries, personal limitations, and long-term goals. She enjoys working with people at all levels and has worked closely with seniors, athletes, people returning from injuries, families, and teens.

Originally certified by Baptiste Power Yoga, influenced by Bakti teachers like Rusty Wells as well as anatomy gurus like Tias Little, Andrea’s teaching has evolved to include rich, restorative, and healing modalities, including work with meditation and breathing. She lives in Mill Valley with her husband, twin teenage daughters, and a Boxer, where she practices deep breathing every day.

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