Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy

We will help you to improve not only your physical fitness, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness!

Nature Therapy, or Forest Bathing, as it’s sometimes referred, is similar to a nature hike, but with an emphasis on moving slowly, breathing deeply, and engaging all five senses in a natural environment that allows you to relax in a deep, yet grounded way. This natural form of therapy is not just the latest California fad, but rather deeply rooted in medical science which dates back many millennia. It’s shown to have significant and almost instantaneous results; a reduction in blood pressure, improved heart rate, and a decrease in stress levels. Additionally, spending time in nature helps alleviate depression and anxiety and many physicians believe that time spent outdoors helps assist in lowering your risk of heart disease and increasing joint mobility and balance. Therapists are prescribing kids, adults, and seniors alike, one-hour appointments several times per week in nature as a compliment to treatment plans for mental illnesses.

Being able to connect with nature more deeply and meaningfully can lead to increased self-confidence, greater sense of belonging, relaxation, and joy. We’re happy to work with your doctor and/or therapist to provide a unique, stress-reducing, rewarding appointment.

Julie Coulston is currently in the process of completing her certificate in Nature and Forest Therapy.

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