Personal Training

 Personal Training

Training and support go hand-in-hand, which is why we pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of service to our clients through sustained support and inspiration.

We build lasting relationships and help our clients discover what type of exercise and sports they truly enjoy- making every workout creative and fun! Our ultimate goal is to get you in shape for the lifestyle you love by creating a functional fitness program tailored just for you. Our first consultation entails taking a wellness survey, which helps to guide us in the direction of those activities each client loves — as well as taking into account their overall fitness goals. From there, we tailor the individual workout plan based on that feedback. 

We specialize in:

-Personalized Individual appointments

-Small group training (get your friends together!)

-Tween and Teen training

-Seniors (we work closely with many clients’ physical therapists and their caregivers/family members to help assist with mobility, energy levels, mental wellness, walks outside, pain reduction, rehabilitation after injury, surgery, or illness)

-Hiking and running


-Weight loss with meal planning

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