Personal Training

Personal Training

We work with kids ages 12-18 for overall health and fitness – especially important for those not getting enough regular exercise, and teen athletes strengthening after injuries or improving performance in their sport.

With the ever-changing guidelines due to COVID, allow us to bring the workout to you in the safety of your own environment.
We have over 25 years of experience in coaching and personal training teens for:

  • Improved sport performance in golf, basketball, tennis, sailing, track, cross-country, volleyball, football, swimming, biking, martial arts, and more.
  • Teens struggling to get enough regular exercise each week. We make it FUN. We can hike, bike, do obstacle courses, or play a sport or game.
  • Teens struggling with anxiety or depression.We’ve worked with many teens and their therapists or doctors (especially during the Covid pandemic), using Nature Therapy as a way to boost overall mood, accomplish physical fitness goals, relieve stress and discover the joy of being active and outdoors.
  • Teens striving to lose weight, gain confidence and practice a healthier lifestyle. We teach kids about healthy food choices and what type of exercise works best for them.

We are currently offering our outdoor exercise classes for kids and teens. We can also do private sessions as well, but are finding that kids enjoy the exercise more with friends and peers of the same level and age.

We can come to your house, yard or driveway, or you can come to ours. Alternatively, we can meet at your local park, beach or trailhead. Rest assured, all equipment is cleaned and disinfected before each use.

Get your group together and contact us for a time and location.

Zoom appointments are also available.

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